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08-07-2009, 08:15 AM
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Originally Posted by lightning_legwand View Post
I just made my point that he is trying essentially to do a good thing. Balisillie is just a guy trying to bring a team to Canada because we are lacking.
I don't think alot of us would have had a problem with Balsillie had he gone through the expansion process and gotten a team that way. Yet somehow, I still do not think that that move would make alot of the Pro-Balsillie/Nationalistic/Canadian (not painting all Canadian fans as this, you know the ones I'm talking about) posters on here happy. These "fans of hockey" that I am describing do not care about there being simply a team. They want a team relocated from the US. Like that is somehow going to make up for franchises being moved out of Canada in the past.

I can't speak for everyone, but before I learned about all of Balsillie's antics, I would not have had a problem with the guy owning a team had he gone through the expansion process. But now he's simply trying to poach teams in bad situations. Even that wouldn't be AS bad. But after reading about all of the various methods he is using, including going behind the NHL and other owner's backs, I don't want this guy apart of hockey at all (and judging by the owne'rs votes, which actually matter, they agree). And I cannot see how you would ever want this guy to be an owner in your city; he may keep the team there, but who knows what else he would do to the NHL.

And for all the people cheerleading allowing him to win a case where the NHL rules about franchise relocation are not upheld, then you better be careful with picking your poison. Things haven't always been rosey revenue wise in some parts of Canada NHL wise; if things ever turned sour again, don't come crying when the NHL cannot do anything because of the Phoenix case.

Again, not speaking for everyone, I don't think alot of us have a problem with more teams in Canada. Its just the way Balsillie is trying to do it, trying to screw the NHL in the process.

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