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08-07-2009, 08:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Peter Puck View Post
Don't be too sure about your first pro. A sucessful team in Hamilton pushes up the cap both floor and ceiling. Pushing up the floor means a bunch of financially weak teams need to spend more money. Some of this money comes from the strong teams like us. I don't know whether we win or lose here.

I'll also add another con. I live near Kingston. I can't see many leaf games because the league has decided I'm in Ottawa's region. Leaf's TV is blacked out here. Leaf games are blacked out on Centre Ice. If you live west of Toronto and a team moves into Hamilton, will you still be able to watch the Leafs?
I doubt it. If you have one more team adding to the revenue sharing, and one less getting a handout, that translates to one more viable team fending for itself, and one less getting propped up. I see what you're saying, but I just don't think it works that way.

Furthermore, Hamilton and Toronto are 45 minutes from eachother. Very different than a place like Ottawa, which is 6 hours away. You'd know better than me, but is there a blackout of Canadiens games in Senator territory as well? I'm guessing no, but I could be wrong. That said, Hamilton and Toronto would essentially share the Southern Ontario market. There would be more support for Toronto east, and eventually more support for Hamilton west. As a Leaf fan, that doesn't concern me. There's no reason that the Leafs shouldn't earn for their fanbase. Why do they deserve to exploit us unchecked? I wouldn't mind the monopoly so much if the team was still in the hands of a competent owner, but that really hasn't happened since Smythe left. Let's not kid ourselves here. We're being taken advantage of. The average person can't afford tickets, and merchandise is expensive. Worst of all, the quality of the on-ice product is questionable about 50% of the time. As an investor in the team - and that's what we, as fans, are - this is unacceptable.

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