Thread: News Article: Balsillie back in the bidding
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08-07-2009, 08:51 AM
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Originally Posted by Northern Dancer View Post
Did any Provincial or federal money go towards the ACC or Scotiaplace?

If you have no problem with the government giving Balsillie a virtually new state-of-the art venue for free especially in this economy then I guess there is no use chatting about this. Personally I have a huge problem with it !!!
What would the stipulations be with the arena? Would it be like Balsillie owns it or would it be the city? Who would get revenues from it for things like concerts?

Apparently Balsillie wants a team in Hamilton and only Hamilton because his wife is heavily invovled with the revitalization of the city, with the Hamilton Coyotes (and the renovated arena) being the centerpiece of that. If that's the case it's sort of understandable that he would ask for money. At the very least you can't blame him for trying.

I agree though, if he has to pay for the arena out of his own pocket, I don't know how he would make that much money from the team.

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