Thread: News Article: Balsillie back in the bidding
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08-07-2009, 09:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Northern Dancer View Post
I have two questions for you, how many more people will Copps employ with an NHL team versus their current AHL team? And since the city the owns Copps, how do they get their money back through taxes since they will be paying taxes to themselves?

There is lots of studies that prove a professional sports teams is not an efficient use of government money: (in fact accomplishes nothing)
You can say the exact same thing about all kinds of industries (heck there's a pretty convincing case that a WalMart in your town is negative for economy, yet governments always dole out money to industry). Should we hold it against Balsillie if he seeks what most everyone else gets?

Why does government hand out billions for the development of more fuel efficient vehicles when the exact same vehicle I drive in North America is available in Europe with better fuel efficiency (I won't even get into how today's supposed fuel efficient vehicles still can't top the Honda Civic of I think it was 1994)?

I can think of lots of things that make me shake my head in terms of spending government dollars.

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