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08-07-2009, 12:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Fair Warning View Post
Anyone know how I can grab pre-season tickets? Or will they go on sale Aug. 20 as well?

I don't sell tickets through message boards. As I believe there is a place for it (ebay, SH, CL etc.). But as far as pre-season tickets go. The secondary market will definitely offer you their best prices. Pre-season tickets are not any cheaper than regular season. And many STH's (especially resellers) either don't use the pre-season games or plan on taking a los on them and are willing to unload them for under face value. If you check CL you should easily be able to find good balcony tickets to either pre-season game for $10 or more under face. And I'm even referring to the old face that the grandfathered STH's pay. Not the new ones marked up 100-200%. Example- ctr ice sec 301 row 8. Old price was $37. New price is $71.50. You can get a pair for $50 to $60 TOTAL pretty easily. The same exact seats bought directly from the bruins on Aug 20th will cost you $160 online!
Good luck.

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