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11-02-2004, 11:46 AM
True Blue
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Originally Posted by Laches
Will those teams suddenly start generating more revenue because the Carolina Hurricanes fold?
No, but the league would not be hemoraging quite so much money. There are about 6 teams that have NO CHANCE at EVER making money. They are not in markets that would make it possible.
How about this Laches? How is a salary cap going to fix the utter lack of revenues that Carolina recieves? In all of Bettman's bluster, I must have missed the part where he talks about the real problem that he dares not name. The problem of dwindling revenues. Salary caps are all fine and dandy, but how are they going to help the handfull of teams that would show losses if they had a $20m cap?
The solution of having the top 10 teams foot the bill for the rest of the league is not a practical solution. The Flyers should not have the same salary restrictions as Carolina, AND on top of that be expected to be the difference maker when it is time to pull Carolina kicking and screaming into the green. Basically, the all but the top 10 teams would be recieving revenue money, while those 10 teams would recieve bubkus. If there was no gag order in effect, I guarantee that those 10 teams would be heard loud and clear.

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