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08-07-2009, 04:51 PM
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Originally Posted by RattsSSV View Post
One of my favorite restaurants in Edmonton is La Boheme. Great french cuisine.
La Boheme has an amazing brunch, our family has been going there for YEARS.

Originally Posted by RedTide View Post
Il Forno Ristorante in the west end is a nice little italian eatery with reasonable prices and good food. My wife and I frequent it often and have never had a bad meal or bad service. I recommend it to many and have always heard positive feeedback.
Il Forno is also amazing, the new owner (Anna) had a bit of a rough start getting the place up to par again but it's awesome now.

Originally Posted by Reimer View Post
Unfortunately no one is forcing them to be working that job. Do your job well and be rewarded for it. The ******** of just giving someone money who didn't do anything extra to make the experience at the restaurant any better than McDonalds doesn't deserve anything.

That is problem with a lot of waitrersses/ waiters they expect to get a tip no matter what. The fact that a lot of people in society are stimulated to tip regardless is ****ed at best.
As a former server I agree with that completely If I'm not getting good service I'm not tipping, I don't care how many dirty looks the server gives me.

Originally Posted by Brule View Post
Burger lovers beware: People who eat red meat every day have a higher risk of dying over a 10-year period -- mostly because of cardiovascular disease or cancer --than their peers who eat less red or processed meat, according to a new study of about half a million people.

Over a 10-year period, people who ate the most red meat every day (about 62.5 grams per 1,000 calories per day, equivalent to a quarter-pound burger or small steak per day) had about a 30 percent greater risk of dying compared with those who consumed the least amount of red meat (a median of 9.8 grams per 1,000 calories per day). The excess mortality was mostly the result of cardiovascular disease and cancer

organic vegetables....

You think red meat doesn't have bacteria?

Most fish are good to eat and good for you—high in protein and other nutrients, and low in fat. Eat fish that are low in Mercury for example;

Bluegill Sunfish
Farm-raised catfish
Farm-raised crayfish
Farm-raised trout
Just a heads up... according to new studies almost EVERYTHING is more likely to give you cancer/give you aids/give you xxx disease/take years off your life.

I wonder how some people managed their longevity without all these studies on what's good and bad for you...

(Almost) everything in moderation, friend, and you'll be ok

I'll throw in Packrat Louie's on Whyte as well.

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