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08-07-2009, 05:32 PM
Peter Puck
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Originally Posted by Azazel View Post
I don't really think logical to make the assumption that we wouldn't get Leaf games west of Toronto. Especially given the number of fans the team has in the market. Blocking Leaf games in Kingston is one thing. Blocking Leaf games in Hamilton or Burlington is another. I can't see that flying. I think this is fearmongering more than anything else, and unlikely to really change the status quo. It's very doubtful that Southern Ontario will cease broadcasting Leaf games.

Remember, they're competing in the same market.
Assuming a team in Hamilton won't affect who gets to watch the Leafs is just sticking your head in the sand. Who says they are "competing" in the same market. This is just what some fans want. Maybe Balsillie feels the best way for him to grow his market is to prevent people from watching the Leafs and force them to watch his team. This is the Senators position.

Many assume that it would be crazy to prevent Leaf fans from watching the Leafs. I agree but as I pointed out this is already happening. Your attitude seems to be that what happens in Kingston isn't really important or going to have any bearing on what happens in say, Kitchener. This is just navel gazing. Why should Kitchener be any different than Kingston? Why would you assume that the Leaf games will shown in London? I assure you that even though we are forced to watch them, there are very few Senator fans in Kingston.

Here's another question. Even if Balsillie agrees to let the Leafs broadcast in his area, the CBC will have some decisions to make. Every Saturday night they will have to make choices. Some people west of Toronto will be Hamilton fans and they will want the CBC to show Hamilton games. There was a lot of whining around this board when the CBC arranged a few weeks with no Saturday night Leaf game. How will people feel when the CBC doesn't show the Leafs every Saturday (or even every other week).

Finally, I do think if the courts give Balsillie a team in Hamilton, then most likely people who are west of Toronto will still have access to most Leaf games. But I think they will have to pay for that privilege. Having two teams competing for fans' dollars means those teams will be thinking of ways to generate more revenue.

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