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Originally Posted by Mess View Post
Forget weak draft even, and lets not forget this Toskala trade could have turned out much much worse than it did even, thanks to JFJ desperation to save his own job..

The actual trade was our 1st round pick in 2007 (at SJ option) or 2008 (with top 10 protected though), or it falls to 1st in 2009..

So we were so fortunate that Doug Wilson chose the weaker draft of 2007 to exercise the pick.. Likely because he already had a second deal in place with St. Louis that would send our 1st and 2nd to Blues for the #9 overall as Wilson wanted Logan Couture.

Had Wilson not taken the 1st in 2007, it would have fallen to 2008, but since that was top 10 protected (we finished with #7), it would have fallen then to 2009 draft pick last season. Just think if we had not won game #82 we would have then given up a lottery pick #5 overall which would have been even worse then #7 to get Toskala and Bell.

If that would have happened then Leafs would not have Nazem Kadri today and would not have had a 1st rounder in this last draft.. Lets all digest that for a moment !!!
Thats a whole lot of ifs. Toskala could have also backstopped us to the cup if the team played better. Maybe we should digest that for a moment too?

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