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08-08-2009, 12:40 AM
This ****ing team
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Baking is overrated. When I get new skates I just wear them around the house for a weekend. Sit around watching TV all day just wearing them. Plus doing a bit of free skate in them at least once during that weekend. Your feet will hurt a little and it may not be a quick as baking, but in my experience is a more sure option. I've never had problems with my skates and the last guy I knew who got his baked had bleeding blisters after the first time wearing them and couldn't skate for our game 3 days later. Could just be the way he did it though, but I find that just wearing them breaks them in fine.

Originally Posted by OscarFLA View Post
What's up with this "bake"?

What is it?
They heat them up really hot to soften the boot up, then you put the skates on and they reform around your foot.

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