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08-08-2009, 01:56 AM
This ****ing team
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Things I usually shout during games:
Time! - You've got plenty of time, no one on you. Take it slow and handle the puck.
One slow! - To defensemen. One forechecker coming slow, quite a bit behind the D-man.
One hard! - To defensemen. One forechecker coming on fast, move the puck quick.
Wheel! - To defensemen. Used when he is grabbing the puck is one corner and has room around the other side of the net, telling him to speed up and take it around our net.
Boards! - Throw the puck up the nearest side boards or the puck is on the boards.
Feet! - Puck is in your feet.
Middle/Slot! - I'm standing here open, PASS THE ****ING PUCK!
Point! - Dump to the point.
Clear it! - Just clear our zone.
Clear the zone! - Delayed off-sides, get out of the zone.
Clear! - Everyone is out of the zone, no more delayed off-sides.
Reverse! - Dump is backwards around the boards, used both in the offensive and defensive zone.
Drop! - Looking for a drop pass.

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