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08-08-2009, 10:40 AM
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Originally Posted by espo View Post
They aren't better up front, just better on the wings. Centres after Malkin Canada has Russia from first line to fourth, and those 3rd and fourth are going to come into play,especially when Richards starts banging Evgeni around, which he is going to do, just watch.

And the 1 and 2? Crosby and Getzlaf, who i more then feel comfortable putting up against Malkin and Dats any day of the week.

You sit down 10 hockey fans and 5 will prefer our 1-2 combo better then yours, so where does Russia grade out better there?

You have us on the wings and nowwhere else, period.

Long in the tooth on defense? I don't know why you say that, only Pronger and Neidermayer are up there with what we'll bring and from what i saw last year they are still both good enough to give Russia lot's of problems, especially Niedermayer, Bykov would love to have him if he were Russian. He would waltz on to any top six on Team Russia. In case you've been watching too many kHL games the guy still has wings for ankles, he can outskate any Russian d-man you'll bring even at 38.

The only thing i worry about Neidermayer is him getting injured during the regular season, but i can say that about any player who is olympic bound for any team.

and like i said in another thread, i don't know what you'll do with a Phaneuf-Weber pairing on the PK, i doubt super defense selke man Datsyuk is blocking all those shots unless he wants to be half dead by the 3rd period. Good luck Russia, you're going to need it.

I'll give you the team thing, though i don't think thats a garuntee until the games are played, you get no points for paper with me.

As for our "team", 2006 isn't that far back,you make it sound like 1806.I seem to remember taking home the big prize, on the big ice, in front of hostile fans, right in your guys backyard yes?.Think a Steve Yzerman led team isn't going to be at least capable of playing a team game if they get their **** together? And if they do that with the talent they have, you guys are in trouble, don't think you're not.

Who do you think Canada is anyway? some hockey novices? Like we don't know how to play a team hockey game?.

That was almost an insult IMO.

You wouldn't catch me saying crap like that about Russia i can tell you that, what could you possibly have been thinking when you wrote that?

amazing, you would think we have earned that respect at the least, i know Russia has over here with anyone that has half a clue.

As for the individual awards winners you mentioned, give me another year and i'll give you other winners, and they won't be Russian.Thats all cyclical, you don't get any paper points with me for that either.

so yeah, we'll see sentinel. You sure don't have it won in August 2009 I know that.

You're crazy to assume you do, and on questionable reasoning at that. To me and many others they are nothing but premature premises.
Crosby and Getzlaf over Datsyuk and Malkin? That's crazy in my book. Malkin is a little better than Crosby and Datsyuk is better than Getzlaf. Richards banging Malkin, don't make me laugh. I don't think you know a lot about the international hockey of tat level - hitting is not that significant whan you have the fastest hockey you can get. Watch the last finals, the pace was so high that hitting was out of place. Russia's first goal on 08 final came because someone wanted to nail Ovechkin instead of taking the puck away. It's a different game, not your typical Flyers - Pens game where the overall pace is two notches below.

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