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08-08-2009, 12:47 PM
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It's juvenile to see that on paper and in reality Canada and others can beat you?

you make it sound like you can't be beat and others should be ashamed to even consider the possibility.

The only one who sounds juvenile, and uniformed may i add, is you and others that think like you.

talk about being full of ****.

All you do is bring up your opinions and last olympics as some sort of facts, facts that i don't even see as being very relevant considering what we all know was Russias fate at the last 3 olympics.And yes, i consider silver and bronze a failure, you should too.

Since you say Russia is so great you would think silver/bronze is beneath you right? I know what silver and bronze means, somebody whipped your ass.

don't forget that.

I mean all this crap about hart trophy winners and all makes me laugh, just as you can bring that out i can bring out the fact that the guy you rate below Ovechkin and Malkin handed AO his ass to him in the biggest game each of them has ever lined up for this past playoffs. Think Crosby isn't battle tested?

See, i can twist that stuff to make Canada look astounding just as easily as you are doing with Russia.

Like i said, i can't believe the arrogance, it's like you've already won without playing a game.

And then you have the nerve to say other fans can't question it.

where do you guys get the ego anyway?

Oh, and by the way, the only one who seems to be giving insults and lacks proper respect for their opponents here is you.

I mean, you practically said Canada doesn't know how to build winning Hockey teams. Talk about disrespect.

Originally Posted by Sentinel View Post
You know, espo, I'm truly starting to wonder how old you are. The way you write is just so juvenile, it's unreal.

We are only comparing Russia and Canada in this thread. And every time but once these two teams met in recent memory, Canada lost.

Award winners change, that's right (with Datsyuk remaining a Selke winner, and Ovie getting Maurice Richards). But we're talking PLAYERS IN THEIR PRIME, RIGHT NOW. Right now, Russian superstars are better than Canadian.

As far as people taking Getzlaf over Datsyuk: in Anaheim, maybe. There is a reason why Datsyuk was nominated for Hart, not Getzlaf. In fact, 2 of 3 Hart nominees were Russian Centers, and you're talking about us being weaker in the center? Whatever.

If Malkin plays against Crosby, I doubt we will hear from The Kid again. Zetterberg ate him up in the PO Finals, and Malkin is even better.

Overall, dude, I suggest you tone it down with insults.

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