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Originally Posted by KadoCH View Post
Anyone who thinks that Price should be annointed our starter should look at Jim Carey , Andrew Raycroft and compare some stats. Don't forget to look at his age and where and when he start.

For every one Broduer there are 10 players that never fufill there potential why annoint a 21 year old our number one and let go of a 23 year old who has outplayed him? Is it because Price is Canadian and a high draft pick because nothing but a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow called potential goes in Price's favor at this time. Can Carey find this imagined pot of gold? Possibly but right now its only a belief and no one knows if he can ever get there.

If Bob trades Halak we could be looking at Kipper/Vokoun all over again. Condsider that before you condsider Price the next Broduer because mine is more likely than yours.
Jim Carey was only good for a short period of time. The year he made his first steps(28GP) and the following one where he became the #1 Goalie playing 70Games. His numbers were never as good as the year of his first steps though.

Raycroft only had 1 good season, his rookie one. After that it was horrible.

Price has shown moments of brilliance but at the same time, he's shown inconsistency.
That is in no way comparable to what Carey/Raycroft showed.
He's proved how good his potential is, now it's all about finding the consistency in his play and that comes with experience/maturity.

Your comparison is bad for so many reasons. I'm not saying comparing him to Brodeur makes more sense, both are just bad imo.

The best comparison to date for me is the one of Fleury.
Both were pretty much given the role of #1 from the start. Both were extremely young. Both showed moments of brilliance one night and then the other looked like an AHL worthy goalie. In other words, both were inconsistent.
Let's see how Price bounces back next year. It took Fleury 3-4years before really settling in and although he won a cup last year, he still struggles a bit. Luckily he has Malkin, Staal, Crosby, Gonchar in front of him. Price doesn't have that luxury.

Sure, maybe Halak will be the next Vokoun. Just like Price could be the next Vokoun(and better) if we trade him as well.
One thing for sure, only one will have an opportunity to reach his max potential with the Habs seeing as both need a lot of playing time. Unfortunately, one will have to be let go and obviously it looks like it'll be Halak.

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