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08-08-2009, 03:23 PM
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So far, the list has gone exactly the way my personal list has gone. Next on my list was Phillipe Paradis. I'll have to explain.

First of all, he was a first round pick. I think that has to carry some weight into the discussion. In such a deep draft as the one we just had, going in the first 30 selections is a big deal. This is without having even seen the kid play other than highlight snippets.

Secondly, I really like what i've heard about him from Francis and many others that have commented on his drive and work ethic to improve. He supposedly has a world class shot that we should see more of as a lot of the depth of his team in the Q has departed.

Thirdly, you never want to underrate a player and have to drastically move him up your board. If you place him in safe proximity and he has to move up or down a few spots then no worries. There is a chance he could be 2nd or 3rd on a few lists by the end of the season with a ridiculous showing in the Q and it would give your list more credibility to have foreseen that kind of breakout that is more than likely coming with his raw skills.

I must admit, it was TOUGH for me to rank him ahead of Zac Dalpe even before having heard about his impressive addition of body mass due to having never seen Paradis play. However, he already has a projectable NHL style and frame which helps his case.

I wouldn't have any problem with Dalpe taking this one, but if Paradis doesn't line up here then he should probably come next. Much like Drayson Bowman in his WHL draft year, Paradis was by all accounts buried on a team with a ton of senior year depth. With first line icetime and his raw skills, we should see a similar type break out as we did with Bowman.

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