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08-08-2009, 03:18 PM
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Originally Posted by dustrock View Post
Surprised no one' s mentioned Culina or Culina Highlands, both great places to eat with pretty decent wine lists.
Look up 5 posts.

You'll have to make a reservation though, they're both pretty small in terms of capacity.

I think the Alberta beef vs. USDA beef issue is that American cattle are "corn fed", making the steak taste sweeter. Haven't done a taste test on this yet, anyone tried?
I have tried corn fed beef and it does have a different taste.
For me Grass fed beef tastes the best (its also the best for you...unlike grain fed beef it is high in Omega 3) , unfortunately it is difficult to get beef that has never been fed grain. Grain fed beef is very high in Omega 6 which consequently causes inflammation.
Probably the main reason why red meat gets a bad rap. Its not the red meat thats the problem..its the quality of the meat thats the issue and it all goes back to what the cattle are eating.

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