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Originally Posted by Krejci46 View Post
I wear glasses all the time, it's just my regular pair. The only thing that you want is I think it's called polycarbonate lenses. It's just shatter proof so they won't mess up your eyes even more if you get hit awkwardly. I wear a full face cage and never really had a problem with them except for when I buy a new helmet. I have a big head and unfortunately most helmets don't fit properly so it takes a couple weeks to morph to the size of my head and then the glasses fit in perfectly fine.

As for fogging, they'll fog up only on the bench which kind of sucks when watching the game. Once you hop on the ice and take a couple strides, they'll clear up right away. I guess you can try that de-fogger stuff but never thought it was bad enough to try it.

lol everything between us is the same, but mine don't fog up on the bench, except when i unstrap my cage

I wear a RBK 4K, which has a double foam layer that also serves to cushion the glasses so they dont wobble

the only problems i have ahd were that when i sweat, the glasses slide down my nose, so i just took some pliers and adjusted the nose pieces

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