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08-08-2009, 03:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Ranger35 View Post
Quoted for truth. Those '98 and '99 teams really were putrid.

Only guys who scored 40 points or more aside from Gretzky: (Personally I don't even get how MacLean got to play for the Rangers, gah...)

LaFontaine, Kovalev (Rangers version, not Penguins version), Leetch, Sundstrom and Stevens.

MacLean, Leetch, Graves, Nedved, Savard, Stevens, Sundstrom
LaFontaine wasn't even there in 99. Gretzky helped Graves to a 38-goal season in 99. That 99 team was GOD AWFUL. Sundstrom, Cloutier, and Savard were gone by the deadline. Matt Johnson had pretty much ended Beukeboom's career in LA in December of 98 with that god awful sucker punch. The team was decimated. Kevin Hatcher and Kevin Stevens were past prime... Stevens was having his fun with drugs and prostitutes... Richter got hurt. Gretzky, Leetch, and Graves couldn't carry that team by themselves.

Whiffing on Sakic in 97 really cost that club for the next 8-9 years.

EDIT: Not diminishing Jagr's massive achievements, just think TGO is getting slighted in his, the '97 playoffs he had was terrific, and we haven't seen the ECF since.
That was the best playoff performance we had seen anyone put up since Leetch and Messier in 94.

Originally Posted by The Thomas J. View Post
I have to go with Jagr, He carried the team. Gretzky was good, but he never domintaed the way Jagr did.

Plus The team was a shell after Messier left, Not even Gretzky could shoulder that Burden, Jagr did it pretty well after Messier Retired.
Gretzky never dominated? The 97 playoffs would say otherwise.

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