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Originally Posted by dimi78 View Post
I agree if that were to be true with a youth movement. All of Burke's moves go against what Wilson said in that article and even traded 1 of there better young players in result of this.

From Burke's mouth he said that he wants to leave 1 or maybe 2 spots open for some young guy to make the team and he expects Tlusty to make noise at camp in being 1 if not the lone young player to make the team. Where are all these young guys going to fit in that Wilson said if there is only going to be 1 or 2 spots top for young guys.

There is NO YOUTH MOVEMENT here but there is one on the Marley's. Mitchell is in jeopardy of loosing his job and so is White with the roster being as it is and wouldn't be surprised if both are traded before or sometime through the year if the opportunity rose for some immediate help. So far if Burke doesn't make some multiple trades to open more spots for youth he's doing the exact opposite of what Wilson is saying that will happen.

So far Burke is doing the exact same thing that Fletcher, Quinn and JFJ did just hope this time a retool over a rebuild works out. The problem is a retool almost never works out before establishing a good young to in there prime core 1st.

It looks like he's buying a year of not throwing guys the organization holds high from the youth strait into the NHL. He believes in playing in the AHL before going to the NHL and the fact that a number of players are UFA's next year depending on what the kids like Bozak, Hansen, Stefanovich, Stalberg do there opportunity will be next year not this to become regulars and continue developing in the NHL.

That is of course if Burke doesn't trade them 1st.
Patience, Burke will clear things up by the time the season starts. There is a bit of a logjam right now, but it's not like he's directly giving up youth for veterans.

Just a question though, what are the technical differences between a rebuild and retool? Because you're lumping Fletcher, JFJ, and Quinn together but not all of them operated the same way. JFJ and Quinn clearly sacrificed youth because they had to make the playoffs. Fletcher brought in some veterans (that theoretically took spots away from youngsters) and got rid of some youth that he didn't see having a future here. The result was our best draft pick in years. This is similar to what Burke has done so far so lets see what happens.

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