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Originally Posted by asdf View Post
Patience, Burke will clear things up by the time the season starts. There is a bit of a logjam right now, but it's not like he's directly giving up youth for veterans.

Just a question though, what are the technical differences between a rebuild and retool? Because you're lumping Fletcher, JFJ, and Quinn together but not all of them operated the same way. JFJ and Quinn clearly sacrificed youth because they had to make the playoffs. Fletcher brought in some veterans (that theoretically took spots away from youngsters) and got rid of some youth that he didn't see having a future here. The result was our best draft pick in years. This is similar to what Burke has done so far so lets see what happens.
Rebuild to me means youth movement and going through growing pains and developing the core of the team in house retooling means trading for and signing established players to win as quickly as possible.

Fletcher turned the Leafs around in the 90's by retooling no youth movement, Quinn took over from Mike Smith I believe his name was who was rebuilding around Sundin and Joseph and retooled all his work to what we got. Burke is going the same route retooling not rebuilding just hope 2 or 3 young guys make it impossible for them to send down or trade. Not only has this team not won a championship since 67 but can you name who the last elite star player the Leafs drafted and developed in house was?

Don't you think that there is link between that and not winning since 67 because I do. Through the entire Quinn era Kaberle was the lone player drafted and developed into an all star 7 years 1 player worth talking about came from him. Now look at all past Stanley cup teams and you will see a hell of a better job in this regard mainly because they rebuild not retooled.

Even Detroit rebuild on the fly. They went from the Yzerman, Fedorov era right to the Datsuk, Zetterberg era with both era's having a large influx of in house players as the core of the teams.

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