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Originally Posted by Tikkanen View Post
That's outrageous. You see this a lot with newer players though, people buy new skates and really have no idea what to do next. It's pretty crazy considering how much skates cost. Even if skates fit good out of the box I'll have them baked just in case. It shouldn't cost anything and it makes them even more comfortable as they mold to your feet. Next thing to do is find a particular edge you like and stick with it. Again, amazing at how many people just hand their skates to a sharpener and don't know what 1/2 inch means. I think maybe a 1 page tutorial should come with skates or something. I'd be willing to bet many player don't use the right edge and have no idea it would be easier if they did.
Yeah. I just handed my skate to the sharpener and he did it for me. In rental skates I can stop fine but I can't seem to stop well in these. Some kid I played with for pick-up hockey told me I should have asked for a (1/8 or 3/8.. I can't remember. It was something/8th)

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