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08-09-2009, 11:23 AM
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whos the ******? I'd say it's the guy who talks like he knows everything before it happens.

anyone on the ball is going to pick up on that and if they don't they are just another stupid hack like you, who have nothing better in their arsenal then to whip out dated English phrases like "*******'

Even when you are trying to be a hard ass you are come across as a slouching neandrathal.

Your facts are full of ****, let's see how good you are next year, that's the only thing that matters anyway right?

i wonder how cocky and prideful you are when Russia loses.

but i already know how you will deal with that event. I just can't wait for everbody to witness it.

You're going to look exactly like you call me in your last post.

All Hail Russia, they've already won according to sentinel.

but what happens when they don't?

we'll all see how ugly that goes down here, we're already getting the dirty clues.

It isn't pretty and never is.

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