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08-09-2009, 12:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Sam View Post
You don't happen to like popcorn, do you?

To each his own. Teubert's main asset is his physical game, and I don't want to see him holding back at a tryout scrimmage or sounding remorseful for being physical. If this is a team scrimmage, then I can see holding a bit back on blindside open ice hits. But that is a very different thing than a team tryout scrimmage. I don't know if you played hockey growing up but the tryout scrimmages I went to growing up were always very physical with players trying to catch the coaches' attention. If you had a chance to level someone with an open ice hit, you did it.

For those who haven't seen or read it, Teubert's quote from the video and TSN link:

"It's unfortunate but it's part of the game, right. So, I'm just doing my job, and that's what I do. So it sucks for him, but hopefully he has a quick recovery. We're all trying to make the team and it's an opportunity for me to show what I've got too. No spots are secure, that's how I have to play and it just happened."
I agree, but I am still uneasy about this hit and not really happy with him here. I don't want him holding back because it is an evaluation camp and he needs to show his stuff, but at the same time, it is not like he is taking out Schroeder on Team USA here, he is taking out a good player on his own team, which happens, but the thing that gets me the most is his reaction in that interview. He certainly doesn't come off as the good guy... It is an unfortunate situation, but I just wish he could have handled it better without a smirk...


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