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08-09-2009, 01:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Tikkanen View Post
If that's the case then whoever decided to get Roenick should also be held accountable. I know if I'm the GM I'd fly and meet the guy before trading for him and see for myself that he was fat and out of shape. Roenick and Hull spent the entire lockout playing golf and drinking and the results prove that. The Kings seem to sign or trade for guys with questionable backgrounds over and over again but only the players are held accountable. And don't think for a second this isn't happening to this day. Justin Williams' body has been telling every NHL GM in the league he can't handle the rigors of NHL play yet Dean once again steps up and trades for him. Now he's being counted on to score 50 points and stay healthy even though his track record says that isn't going to happen. I hate Roenick for not taking pride in the fact that he's an NHL player and has all summer to work out with no other responsibilites but I also put the blame on the Kings GM. More care needs to be put into seeing the players in person before signing or trading for them, case in point Alyn McCauley, Rob Blake (coming off major hip surgery), Dan Cloutier, Martin Straka, Anson Carter, etc.. The Kings seem to gamble more on injury prone players than any organization in hockey. Once Roenick had his face scrambled in the playoffs that should have been the only red flag the Kings needed. Jeremy Roenick fit into Marc Crawford's up tempo system about as well as he fit into some low rise jeans.
Marc Crawford didnt coach Roenick in LA. That was Andy Murray. I may be wrong, but you also appear to be insinuating the Lombardi regime is responsible for the acquisiton of Roenick, which is also incorrect.

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