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08-09-2009, 07:46 PM
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I'm not going to waste my time on Espo anymore, he is the biggest hypocrite and a demagogue I have ever seen on a hockey board. When he is given FACTS (and nothing but facts) he babbles some demagoguery about refs and how he will gloat when (not even "if," but "when") Canada wins.

KMan777: we can only go by what is available right now: candidates' stats, past performances, and overall trends. OBVIOUSLY everything I've said only pertains to the 08-09 season. It's possible that Getzlaf will outperform Datsyuk in the next season. But for now we only have their previous history to go by.

My argument has been that Russia is better than Canada ON PAPER in offense (wings and center). It's based on FACTS (award nominees, achievements, etc.) and speculations (performances at WHC, etc.). Nowhere did I indicate that Russia should have the Gold handed to them before the tournament begins.

What happened to Russia's silver in Nagano?

And, wouldn't you agree, that the last 4 years matter more than the last 8? Also, leave juniors out of it: it's a whole different game.

As for the Hart winners: I'll go with the teamful of present nominees, rather than past winners. I can't believe you've said that Fedorov can't perform at the Olympic level (did you see that guy in Quebec?) but Pronger and Thornton can. Both have been nothing but liability at the international level. Even St. Louis is not exactly a dominant force (certainly not at the past two WHC finals).

Finally, you call the last WHC team pathetic, what would you call the Russian roster? Decimated by injuries to the point that they could only ice 11 forwards in the final, with Kovalchuk being double-shifted! Of those that played: Radulov injured, Morozov injured, Frolov barely off his flu, and so on, and so forth. Kovalchuk said in an interview that that victory came harder than the one in Quebec (on enemy territory), because of injuries.

Does all this seem logical to you?

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