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Originally Posted by invictus View Post
As a frame of reference for us non-playing much should "value", "average", and "good" hockey equipment cost?
For frame of reference, I'll go over my seldom-used player equipment. You can easily spend far more than I did, or less.

Shins, elbows, and shoulders- CCM Vector 4's- total of about $90 for the package
Pants- Vapor- somethings (I forget) $75
Jock- $25
Gloves- Bauer Supreme 50's: $75
Helmet- CCM- I forget, couldn't have been more than 50-75
Skates- Vector 10's (They were on sale for like $200 off or else I wouldn't have) $250
Stick- You can pay anywhere from 30ish for a wood sher-wood to $230 for the super high end composite sticks. I imagine most people spend between 100-150 for sticks? Thats a complete guess though.

Most of my stuff is low or average end, with the exception of the skates- but they were last years model on sale. Goalie equipment is far worse of a hit on your wallet.

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