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Originally Posted by espo View Post
Are you another one who thinks it's time to give out medals before the games are played?

him and others here, and it's right in the thread, think Canada can't even play team hockey, you don't think a fan shouldn't take exception to that?.

I wouldn't even waste your time with us anyway if i were a Finn fan, i 'd just be worried about finally winning something other then a second and third place badge.

you guys have all the practice in the world at that. You should leave us alone and concentrate on your problems, they are definately considerable.
No, As I said in the end it all comes down how teams execute the play and overall effort -> "But as everyone knows it's a game of hockey so even the roster doesn't guarantee everything", also that getting so hotheaded (the tone you're writing with and answering with mockery is pretty poor overall, if it's not about that then it's just pure trolling).

Why should I be worried? Haha. Hockey is not everything in life, but it's the best damn sport there is and I enjoy it a lot. I'm not bringing up Finland to this conversation we have and we will always have weaker rosters on the paper. If we do beat up teams with better rosters well, good for us. Besides in the bigger tournaments there are no more time for practise for us than for any other country since most players come from NHL. And if we do have any problems, it's that we are too few as a nation compared to the great Canada & Russia. Not many top end players (actually you might even argue that there are none now, since Selšnne is past his prime), but the management, execution, work effort has been great compared to that (Going on your level I could go mocking on Canada with this management & execution stuff (sure Salt lake was an exception), but I don't think it's necessary. We can have good talks even without them. Get the point?-)).

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