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First Impressions

Originally Posted by Kyle McMahon View Post
That's the thing though: Even if the numbers may not support it, almost every Canadian who witnessed the Summit Series live will instantly tell you that Kharlamov was the best they had to offer, just like the Russian fans. And of course many Canadian fans are tend to be a lot more biased towards displays of grit and courage, like the Russian fans tend to be with explosive speed or maneouvering. Despite those differences, many Canadians who watched tend to agree with the Russians on Kharlamov. Was everybody "deceived", for lack of a better term?
First impressions carry a lot of weight.

In game one of the Summit Series Kharlamov scored the two secong period goals that broke the 2-2 first period deadlock. The resulting Soviet victory forever changed perceptions about NHL and
Soviet hockey.

In game eight, Paul Henderson scored the game/series winning goal in the last 31 seconds. Henderson also scored the game winning goal in games six and seven. While Henderson's goals are laudible people manage to keep them in perspective to the rest of his career an no one makes a case that Henderson is a Top 100 player.

The same balance should be brought to other analysis.

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