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Originally Posted by Legionnaire View Post
That's the problem with the ranking system. Every player drafted has the potential to be a superstar player, you never really know.

All of these guys have ceilings that could be much higher, but realistically, what will they hit?

Bernier has superstar potential, so which is better 9D or 7.5B?

I'd say 7.5B is more realistic.
Ok I may have sounded a bit harsh towards the HF staff but the reality is that I like the idea of the number being the upside and the letter being the likelihood.

9.0 D sounds better to me. Why? At the moment 50% of the prospects are having a 7.0-8.5 with B or C rating, which is nonsense - prospects are way to close rated.
I'm not a homer and I know that there will be less NHL players than career AHL-ers.

I would also add a + and - to a prospect ranking based on the players progression. A prospect whose stock has risen should have a + and a player whom hasn't should have a -.

My 2 cents.

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