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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
Here's a comparison of the playoff stats of Trottier and Bossy:

1980-83 (the dynasty)

Bossy 16GP 10-13-23
Trottier 21GP 12-17-29

Bossy 18GP 17-18-35
Trottier 18GP 11-17-29

Bossy 19GP 17-10-27
Trottier 19GP 6-23-29

Bossy 19GP 17-9-26
Trottier 17GP 8-12-20

Bossy 93GP 69-60-129 (1st)
Trottier 96GP 45-76-121 (2nd)

1980-84 (5 straight trips to the finals)

Bossy 21GP 8-10-18
Trottier 21GP 8-6-14

Bossy 103GP 74-66-140 (2nd to Gretzky)
Trottier 106GP 49-78-127 (3rd)

1978-1987 (Bossy's career)

Gretzky 101GP 69-140-209
Bossy 129GP 85-75-160
Trottier 140GP 60-91-151
Kurri 98GP 65-73-138
Messier 100GP 55-68-123

To put Bossy's 85 playoff goals in perspective, here are Gretzky's first 10 years in the league (80-89):
131GP 86-188-274

And Kurri's first 10 years in the league (81-90):
146GP 92-110-202

Bossy had relatively small but distinct advantage over Trottier when it came to playoff scoring (and a much larger advantage when it came to playoff goal scoring). In the 5 years the team made the finals, Trottier had a superior offensive performance in only 1 - the first Cup in 1981. In 83, Trottier had 2 more points, but Bossy had 9 more goals.
Just to add to this, their finals scoring is highly in Bossy's favor. During the toughest most important games, Bossy delivers at a slightly higher rate.

Finals Scoring:
Bossy: 17 goals and 34 points in 23 games with 4 Penalty minutes.
Trottier: 11 goals and 33 points in 34 games with 46 penalty minutes.

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