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08-11-2009, 04:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Captain Ron View Post
The Kings have one of the best stable of prospects in the NHL. It is not because he has gone unnoticed.
he's a small guy. Chances of him making it are slim. He's a 6th round pick after the fact (100+ point season), I don't think he's high on the list.

Truthfully, these prospect lists are really overblowing our potential. I don't think we're nearly as good as we're making these players out to be. Had Tukonen been here with us still, he'd prolly be in the top 6 and we all know that Lombardi would never let that guy play with us. So beyond just talent level, a lot of these players won't be making it. I wouldnt be surprised to see only 3-4 of these players being consistent in the NHL.

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