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11-03-2004, 08:46 AM
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Originally Posted by ATLANTARANGER
I laugh at the fans who say "let's rebuild" and then expect the rebuilding to happen overnight.
Nobody said anything about overnight. However, about everyone knew that the team needed to be gutted when Sather took over. Instead what did he do? He set the organization back another several yeas by giving away draft pick after draft pick, and picking up players that were known to be damaged goods like Bure and Lindros.

"Based on what you subscribe to I guess it was a mistake to get the then 31 yr old Messier! "

Oh please. The team that acquired a 31 year old Messier was FAR different than the tean that acquired Bure. Not to mention that Messier was not the health risk that Bure was. I'm sorry but comparing the two is assinine.

"The Bure deal didn't pan out because he was butchered by a thug and had his career ended prematurely. NY requires a marquee name. That's a fact."

The Bure deal did not work out becuase his knees were shot prior to him coming here. EVERONE knew that. That's what made it moronic. What made it hurt even more is the fact that Saviour Glen gave away another first round pick. A pick that could have been used to jump start the rebuilding process.
And why exactly is it a FACT that NY requires a marquee name? Maybe it's just me, but I thought that there were plenty of them here prior to Bure.

"The rangers organization was a shambles by time Smith got the AX! "

Were they or were they not in eve bigger shambles the day before the deadline last year?

"Name a top prospect that Sather has offed in his tenure"

How many draft picks did Sather just hand away? Isn't hindsight 20/20 great? Years after the trades you can just sit back and saym "Wow, he gave away no one". At the time of the trades, it was a different thought. And again, it's not just prospects. It's giving away draft picks that the organization desperately needed.

"Is it disappointing that the team has taken 7 years? Sure, but remember 3 of them belonged to Smith and what did we have to show for it? Malhorta, Brendl & Lundmark? Speaks volumes doesn't it?"

I would say that the last 4 years speaks volumes about Sather. Enough with blaming everything on Smith.

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