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Originally Posted by Nalyd Psycho View Post
I think that's what's often forgotten with Kharlamov. He may not have statistically out shined his linemates, but, he did more to improve his linemates numbers than they did his. He was the play creator.

Esposito may have had better numbers than Orr, but that doesn't make him a better player.
Exactly. Thank you.

Originally Posted by Canadiens1958 View Post
An interesting logical misdirect has evolved. Kharlamov anecdotally beating mid level NHL defensemen such as Don Awrey, Gary Bergman, Pat Stapleton, Bill White (none of the four will get close to the top 100) to the outside seems to be a sign of greatness. Quotes without links are provided to show that this was a constant threat, etc. Yet the simple fact is that Kharlamov scored a total of three goals in the series, two in the first game, one in the balance of the series so after the first game and before the Clarke slash a one goal in 5 games performance is not a sign of greatness.

On the other hand a popular video showing a very average NHL player R.J.Umberger beating Nicklas Lidstrom to the outside to score a goal, is downplayed as being indicative of the specific defenseman's weakness.
Hmmm. Well known famous quotes from the Hockey world need links do they?

Goals are not everything. Assists matter just as much from Guys like Kharlamov, who creates offense from many angles.

In any case, this is historical "Rewriting" coming from you, who demeans everyone else for doing it. He is the consensus best Russian player ever in Russia by the majority of Russians everywhere. No amount of slagging is going to change that.

Originally Posted by Canadiens1958 View Post
Mikhailov with his physical North American style did a lot more to create open ice especially against European opponents. Petrov who was defensively responsible, as was the case for most Soviet centers, allowed Kharlamov the freedom to focus on offense.
This would not have mattered at the 72 summit series given that Kharlamov played with different linemates. Mikhailov and Petrov played with Blinov for 5 games and another player(Ill throw the DVD in later to remember who), while Kharlamov was with Vikulov and Maltsev.

In any case, Kharlamov always attracted the bulk of the attention. Enough to warrant Canada intentionally taking him out to stop him as a last resort.

Originally Posted by Canadiens1958 View Post
Based on the Soviet MVP voting Kharlamov seems to be fifth in line.
Before going any further two questions arise. What was the definition of MVP in the REL. Are we talking best player, most popular player, most valuable player, what was the exact criteria and was it limited to league play or were outside the league and international games considered?

Who was doing the actually voting and was it a secret ballot vote or a consensus vote?
Journalists from Russia voted on the "Best" player, although I questioned its veracity on occasion. Votes were publically released in the weekly paper "Football-Hockey", Much like Journalists for the Hart voting on a trophy in North America.

Links were given directly from Pnep. Use google translate if you wan to look at the original source.

Or, the results were translated here.

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