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08-12-2009, 01:02 PM
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Originally Posted by BobbyClarkeFan16 View Post
I wonder when they'll start dumping contracts. Let's face it, we really don't need guys like Beaulieu, Clackson, Bellamy, Gratton, Kane, Sirianni, Swzez, DeSantis, Curry, Hersley, Teslak or Duchesne. That's 12 contracts right there they can easily get rid of. I mean, look at those guys. They're crap and they're never going to make the big team anyways, so is it really necessary to keep those guys on board?

Once again, it's all about asset management and it's clear that with Riopel and Sloane signing AHL contracts, Holmgren's back is against the wall with regards to contracts, but yet his refusal to let guys go is absolutely astounding. Seriously, I hope Holmgren's on the hot seat this year......
How do you propose Homer dumps these contracts, at the present time? When they are lapsed, they can be released... Other than that, they must be traded, if I'm correct... If these players are the crap you state they are, I don't see them being easy to get rid of. I assume that most NHL organizations have similar concerns and desires in their Systems, and undesirable contracts are nothing more than a waste of money and assets -- I don't believe that they would be needed as warm bodies, in the manner of NHL players needed to reach the Cap minimum floor.

I assume that Homer and his staff fully expected the players to have a shot of progressing through the System when they were signed... When their contracts are up, I fully expect Homer to review the need for them as depth players and what chance they have in the organization chance... Unless they are deemed needed to ice a competitive Phantoms team for Adirondack, I would expect that they would be released, if they couldn't me moved prior to that... Homer has rules to follow and limitations in purging contracted players.

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