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08-12-2009, 12:49 PM
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Originally Posted by I am the Liquor View Post
Media personality is Dan Tencer. He runs the sports talk show on the Oilers rightsholder's station 630 Ched. You can catch his show on the net weeknights.

The source is a poster who claims to have access to management somehow. He gave a heads up on a big trade two weeks before the Heatley deal and then gave specifics before it happened. He is one for one in that regard even though it fell through because of the nmc.

Personally, I am not believing anything until it happens. Just thought you guys might want to know and it might give you something to talk about for a couple of hours.

The Oilers moving a big ticket dman was first brought to light by the Oiler's radio color man Bob Stauffer.
Thanks for the follow up

as to the poster that felt LA had a weak blueline in terms of offense. i think with hickey in the pipe and babchuk a UFA there is no need to move a frolov for a souray. but i figured someone would make the point it was weak last year. i also feel another season of growth for JJ will help his passing.

at least i hope so for LA's sake

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