Thread: Rumor: Frolov for Souray
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08-12-2009, 10:15 PM
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I have several problems with the article from the fourth period. The first is that the report they are giving is based entirely on an article out of the New York Post. A newspaper, and I use that term loosely, which bases its circulation on sensational headlines and tabloid reporting. Pretty much anything that comes out of it must be taken with an enormous grain of salt.

Second, the New York Post openly admits that the individual is only "believed" to have inside knowledge of the situation. The reporter could very well be making a conjecture about a guy who is making a conjecture.

Third, it's a New York paper. How could the New York post scoop it's own sister paper, the Boston Herald, the Boston Globe, which has the best access to inside Bruins information, and the remainder of the entire Boston media? (ie NESN, which shows all the games, NECN, and any other of the various news outlets) The media in this town is absolutely voracious about any sports activity. And believe me I know ... I live here.

The last thing that bugs me is that the teams that are mentioned in these supposed trade talks are "two west coast teams." The media here, in New York, and pretty much the entire eastern sea board has little to no knowledge about the goings on of any teams west of Detroit. An example: the Boston Globe, which has the "best," again I use that term loosely, hockey coverage in the northeast, speculated the Kings might be looking to trade Jack Johnson ... a WEEK after the Kings signed him to a two year deal.

It strikes me as something the reporter just made up because this August has been so dreadfully slow.

Lastly to keep the thread on topic. Keep Frolov. Give the last D spot to either Drewiske, Hickey, or Voinov and then let the group grow together.

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