Thread: Rumor: Frolov for Souray
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08-13-2009, 12:58 AM
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Originally Posted by JDM View Post
Not really. I think its because he smiles when he misses a shot. If he screamed bloody murder every time he missed a shot or screwed a pass, DL probably wouldn't have any problem with the actual game Frolov plays I the ice. I think its all attitude DL has a problem with, not the style of play. I know DL likes his rough and tumble guys, but I don't think he is somehow opposed to having a player like Frolov who is big and strong but doesn't run people over. He went after Purcell after all, and if he expected Purcell to play that kind of game... even though he is a tall dude (assuming he put on muscle), then he is out of his ****ing mind. Frolov is tough on the puck and strong in the corners and I think Lombardi cares about that much more than he does Frolov hitting people.
So, if Frolov cursed ****! more, he would have 5 years at 5.5M?

Sound logic.
(yes, I realize that was tongue in cheek on your part)
Isn't the criticism on Purcell that he doesn't play a physical game and doesn't "pay" the price? Swear I read that somewhere out of Lombardi's mouth.

Frolov is strong on the puck and tough in corners (you went a little dyslexic on us) but he doesn't play the body. Kopitar doesn't play the body. With the exception of Zeus, isn't every single forward Dean has traded for been one that hits?

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