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08-13-2009, 08:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Islander102 View Post
Islanders fan here (obviously, by my handle). Im looking to make the trip up from NYC for the Bruins Islanders game on october 10. I dont know yet how many tickets I will need, but I was just wondering if you guys think i should go on ticketmaster next thursday, or will better deals be available via the secondary market?

On a side note I visited Fenway on Monday night and it was just an awesome experience. Was glad to see the sox pull out a win after the Yanks put you guys through hell. If you think losing to the yankees sucks try living in the same city with their pain in the ass fans while your favorite team is winning the intensive care World Series.
isles shoot twice on the end with the 320's sections.

right now, it looks like stubhub has cheaper prices than the box office, which from what bruins fans have been fighting about will probably be very common in boston this season.

i will assume that a game with the isles will fall under the "regular" pricing structure. ive heard that we have anywhere from 12-14k season ticket holders now, and the building holds a smidge over 17. you shouldnt have too much trouble securing seats on the 20th.

if you do make the trip, one word of advice: bostonians will be your best friend or the biggest jerks youve ever met. sometimes its pot luck, many times its all in how you behave.

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