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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
Hall did get 7 First Team nods and he does deserve credit for that. But to say he got them while competing against Plante and Sawchuk is misleading. Sawchuk was post-peak and was rarely competive during this time. 4/7 of the nods were after Plante ceased being a threat - the other 3/7 were when Plante was playing behind Doug Harvey, which was perhaps a handicap ifor him in the voting, perhaps not.
How is that misleading? Hall was competing against Plante and Sawchuk, and he beat them. If you consider Sawchuk so bad that it was easy to beat him in awards voting, then that's not exactly making a case for Sawchuk as a top-25 player. Hall was also competing against Johnny Bower and Gump Worsley, two Hall of Famers who were pretty good goalies as well.

As far as the "Plante was on the Rangers excuse", Glenn Hall was named the First Team All-Star goalie in 1958 on a Chicago team that missed the playoffs and went 24-39-7. How did he do that if playing on a bad team meant you had no chance at the award?

Are there any quotes from back then to support your theory that Doug Harvey hurt Jacques Plante in All-Star voting? Given that the Vezina Trophy winner was very often the same guy as the First All-Star goalie, I'd say that the bias was almost certainly against Hall. And he still won 7 First Team All-Stars. It's possible to argue his playoff performances, but his regular season record is very, very strong.

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