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11-03-2004, 05:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Fletch
I cannot understand for the life of me why you think Lundmark would not get ice time in Hartford. That's just unfathomable to me. Yes, he may not be a winger, but I have a feeling he would be centering Balej and Wiseman, or a wing with Ulmer at worst.

As for the is important to get confidence, obviously, but if an expected top 6 forward can't find confidene in Hartford (and I'm not saying Jamie can't, but you are implying he can't), then he ain't worth the time.

Finally, if you really believe that he's better off in Balzono being coached by...? rather than in Hartford being coached by McGill and Fotiu, then...whatever.

Fletch, you're ignoring the point though, Jaime couldn't go to Hartford, he tried, it didn't work out. End of story, you can't keep telling me he was better off there because well he tried to go but things didn't work out. You can call him selfish all you want but the truth of the matter is this: If Lundmark gets hurt and loses his hockey career he has nothing. No College education, probably semi-decent highschool grades and nothing more. If he loses hockey he'll basically be out of work and a bum trying to find work. He has to protect his assets, which is himself, to the best of his ability, and Italy was a much safer career wise (in terms of safety and insurence) opposed to Hartford. Thats all that matters. He tried to go to Hartford, Rangers basically snubbed his request to cover his NHL contract incase of injury so he left to some place better. He really had no choice

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