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08-14-2009, 10:34 AM
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Originally Posted by Lion Hound View Post
Dissapeared how? Becuase of his lack of scoring? Maybe due to the fact he also started logging 3rd line minutes? Please, Brandon was what 7th in the league in hits last year? He never stopped hustling, he always plays solid two-way hockey.

To not see the value in the 23 year old Dubinsky to me is pathetic. Maybe...just maybe Richards will put up more offensive numbers. But...factor in Age,salary, and all the intangibles that a Brandon Dubinsky brongs to the table I just can't see the club making this kind of a deal. Especially when theey have been battling the cap for the past two seasons now. Now they add another player with a 7 million dollar pricetag?

I see this one very differently. I'll take the guy that plays hard on both ends of the ice. The guy that hits everyone. The guy that stands up for himself, and his teammates at the drop of a dime. The guy that comes with the much cheaper pricetag and gives his all every shift. The guy that came up through the system. The guy that at the asge of 23 is already part of the core of the team, and a true leader. More importantly, the guy that is already proven here in NY. Lets face it...Not everyone can play here. But Dubinsky is already proven here, imo he's only going to get better. Richards is totally unproved. In Dallas he was Meh? He didn't dazzle anyone over there. His last couple years in Tampa were also mediocre. Is that the type of player we can expect to come in here to NY and earn a 7.8 million dollar paycheck? I don't think so!


The Rangers will be a much softer, weaker team without Dubinsky.

They're already fairly soft with the addition of Gaborik and Kotalik.

Gaborik is a SUPER talent, so that's still an advantageous trade off.

The top two lines are going to be soft, with the exception of Higgins. Not that Higgins is some master of toughness. But he has some good grit.

Otherwise, this team is sorely lacking in physical toughness and character toughness.

Trading off Dubinsky only makes matters softer.

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