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08-14-2009, 10:27 AM
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Stale. That's how I would describe last years team. Even though we had some good talent it felt like staus quo with making the playoffs and loosing in the first 2 rounds. We also had a much older lineup last year and a lot of forwards on the downside of their careers.

This year, hearing what is being said by guys like Gomez, Cammy, Mara etc. it's no longer the status quo to just make the playoffs. These guys genuinely want to win a cup and are actually saying it! I'm sorry, but when your captain (Koivu) says in preseason that he hopes to make the playoffs, it just sends a bad message throughout. I'm not bashing him, but a change in sceneray is what everyone needed and a fresh new attitude and young guys in the peak of their careers and not finshing it.

Also, what's extremely important to note isn't just the change in offence. Our defence is MUCH better then it was last year and are much bigger and physical. With guys like Gill and Mara clearing the crease and preventing Price from being run so he can focus and see the puck will make a HUGE impact. Not to mention a defence first system that will make all 5 players on the ice accountable using players (Gomez, Gionta etc) that thrived in the same type of system in the past.

That being said, overall, I really like the changes that were made and I can envision a much fiestier and quicker team that will play behind the puck and take advantage of turnovers due to playing in an actual system and not by the seat of their pants. I think the team is not only better, but will take a lot of teams by surprise and make a run once everyone is on the same page. One can only hope eveything works out as planned.

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