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08-14-2009, 10:29 AM
Anthony Mauro
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There is one fact in this thread that cannot be ignored:

Brad Richards is the player we hope Brandon Dubinsky will become.

There is one opinion that dominates this thread:

Brandon Dubinsky will be just as good or even better (with his intangibles ) than Brad Richards.

There is one item of interest that no one takes into account:

By the time the latter happens (Dubinsky proves to be on the level of Richards) he will (a) have aged and will no longer be the appealing, strapping 23 year old he is now, and (b) worked his way up to a salary close to Richards'. Because after all, he is worth the 2 million or so right now he's rumored to be demanding.

So, my question is this. Does it really matter if we speed things up a bit and get the 29 year old, proven set up man rather than wait the 5 years to see if our own can get there?

To me it doesn't. Those who say different are IMO stroking their need for all players young. Younger = Better. Pro sports doesn't necessarily work like that.

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