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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Thanks a lot. How do you see this being played on? You seem to have seen games and know the team but if we go mainly by stats, can we state the following:

Players coming back (if no surprises)

CENTERMEN (Cichy's position)
Vandevelde (can we trade for this guy please....)


RIGHT W (Kristo's position)

Seems to me that there's more room for Cichy to play in a top 6 role than Kristo as strange as it may sound (and you'll be able to tell me). I am just going by stats, but it's pretty clear that locks for top 6 are Vandevelde, Grégoire, Hextall and Frattin. And my guess would be that Toews also will be. Wasn't Toews a natural center though and was moved? 'Cause he did play his games on the RW last year. Anyway, out of my 5 guys, we do have 3 RW.....Kristo's only spot while Cichy have 7 guys returning out of C and LW (where he can probably play), but out of those guys, to me, statswise, only Vandevelde and Grégoire (maybe Trupp) could beat him to a position. Though there is more than stats and Cichy needs to be better in his own zone, we probably shouldn't be surprised to see him have a space sooner than Kristo.

But cleary based on this, I think that both guys are at the very least locks to be in the lineup every single game. Which is good news 'cause as we know, it doesn't happen to every freshman.

By the way, any confirmed incoming freshman that we know of and could compete with Kristo and Cichy? Is Mattson coming over? How about Knight? Bruneteau (who's more famous for one of Andrew Conboy's best knockout when they were playing in the USHL), but could still compete with Cichy at the center position. How about Matt White? Does Michael Forney goes back this year?

Interesting battles ahead.
I also know UND well...had season tickets the last 3 years...

Mattson (Nick and Danny) and Knight will come in 2010. Matt White won't come this year. Michael Forney has signed with Atlanta. Bruneteau is coming and Carter Rowney of the AJHL will also be here at forward.

Toews is a center also, and I think he will play at center a bit this year. But can play both. The top guys as you said are Vandevelde, Gregoire, Hextall, Frattin, and I'd probably put Trupp in there if he can not get injured, otherwise Malone will probably be up there in the mix as well. If Cichy and Kristo can prove themselves and play consistent, they might be able to work themselves into top line positions, like Gregoire and Hextall did last year. Cichy and Kristo will be in the lineup every night, and should fit in nicely in whatever roles they do end up having. UND rolls 4 lines consistently and will beat you with depth.

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