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Originally Posted by dr.rosenrosen View Post
so what about call ups, does contracts like sloane and riopel mean the flyers have to call up somebody who has a two way deal first?
The Flyers would have to legally purchase their contract from the minor league team that signed them and then the Flyers would have to sign them to a new NHL contract. Then the player would be eligible to play in the NHL but they would also count against the 50 contract limit too.

I could be wrong but I don't think that the Flyers can actually sign any player to a minor league contract. I live in Harrisburg PA so we have the Hershey Bears here and I can remember them for years being an independent (even when they were affiliated with the Flyers they did not wear the Flyers colors or logo, they have always kept their own). For many years half their roster was made up of players on NHL contracts from one or 2 NHL teams but the other half of the team were players signed specifically to AHL contract by the Bears. I can remember a few instances where an NHL team wanted one of the Bears players that his rights were owned by Hershey and the NHL team had to buy the contract from the Bears. Seeing how we no longer own the rights to the Phantoms I can't see how we could sign any players to minor league contracts with the Phantoms when we don't own the team. I would guess that the new owners of the Phantoms would have to sign those players and then they, as the owners of said player contracts, could actually sell the players contract to any NHL team willing to buy it. Maybe we sort of have a handshake agreement but then that would be illegal I would think.

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