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Originally Posted by happyhab View Post
No I live in Brampton Toronto....There is nothing better on the planet then watching your kids play I love pushing my son but with pure encouragement... if he didn't want to play I wouldn't care less, just that every morning he wants to go skating or parent child shinny and since I'm off I take him.

OCanada- he is a decent stickhandler, his wristshot doesn't leave the ice neither does his I guess thats where he needs the most work, but is that normal for the select kids?? Also I would say he's a pretty good skater, also his hockey sense is pretty good, never goes into the scrums plays very positional always anticipating the puck, and very careful not to moveup to much not letting the other team get a breakaway, so he is very responsible defensively..again thanks for the advice really appreciate it, unless you have kids playing at this age you can't really appreciate how important this advice is.

Anytime! I love watching the kids play and watching them try something new or something you have taught them.
The majority of kids on our team could raise the puck. None use a slapshot however one did score on a onetimer of the face off but it was just hard on the ice. Roughly 4 kids on our select team could go top shelf. It sounds like your child is right there. Ice time is so important at this age as is playing against others that challenge the kdis. My son played both 6 and under and on a 7/8 team. He was bored in the 6 and under but absolutely lived for the challenge of playing 7/8 hockey. As the season wore on he excelled more and more in the older age group finish top 3 in scoring. That extra challenge of having to always compete really helped his skills advance.
I am actually enjoying hockey more now then when I played lol. Seeing the passion in my sons eye for the game is truly a dream come true for me!

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