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Originally Posted by t3hg00se View Post
I'm not saying he's better than Thornton, Richards, or Gomez. I'm saying he could be better for Gaborik than Thornton, Richards, or Gomez.

Would you have taken Gomez centering Jagr over Dubinsky centering Jagr?

Because the NYR did, and that experiment failed.
Jagr and Gaborik are two very different players.

Jagr's style was based around slowing the game down. Puck posession.

Gaborik is a run and gun sniper.

Gomez didn't work with Jagr because they both like to carry the puck and do the playmaking. Gaborik is not a playmaker.

Guys like Thornton, Gomez, and Richards are the ones that carry the puck and set up snipers like Gaborik.

I think Dubinsky has the mold of Thornton. They're both big bodies that like to carry the puck and use their size to protect it. Dubinsky obviously isn't as talented as big Joe but they have similar playing styles.

Dubinsky might do ok centering Gaborik but to say he's a better option than Richards, Thornton, or Gomez is silly.

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