Thread: Speculation: Is Doug Wilson too attached?
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08-16-2009, 06:46 PM
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DW has stated he will not "trade for trade's sake" (or just because the media is pushing for "something" or someone to be gone/come).

DW has also stated that if he makes a trade, acquiring a person, he's looking to "upgrade" that person/position (or in another spot on the roster).

I don't recall if he's commented specifically on if a player requested a trade, but he seems the type (and there's a background in the organization) such that he'd do all he can to accommodate any request. (Think of Traverse who was picked up on waivers and then reacquired just before Christmas so he could be with family.)

The organization has worked to get specific players (or types of players) into specific roster spots. If they have excess/surfeit then they might trade those folks away. (Or if they cannot, do their best to give them a great opportunity in the AHL, ala McLaren. Who he tried to "give" away.) But it also allows for the best players to make it to the NHL roster, on merit/skills; no gimmes.

Has DW kept some players longer than he should? In hindsight, yes (in some cases). But not everyone can foresee all aspects of the future.

Does DW over value players? Maybe a little, but he's not about to trade a "decent" player making $2m for a similar player making $5m without some kind of additional incentive.

Is he too attached? I think the longer he's been a GM, the more he's able to look beyond his feelings WRT the players. I hope there's someone in the organization whose opinion he'll listen to and value so that he's not overcome by sentimentality when faced with hard decisions.

This summer, I think the anger and disappointment allowed him the opportunity to take a long look at *every* player in the organization and make hard decisions WRT some by not bringing them back. There still may be players packing for SJ that won't be in the opening night lineup (due to trade).

DW has stated that the team he's looking to put together for this season's run through the playoffs will not be in place until around the trade deadline (early March). So, there could be some key folks in the lineup October 1st who won't be around come April 13.

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