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08-16-2009, 09:06 PM
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I'm also of the mind-set that maybe, just maybe it would have been better for Messier to "cut his teeth" so to speak with another organization. Edmonton would have been preferable in my opinion.

I get what he did for the Rangers. His presense made this organization believe it was good enough to win. He made the players around him more comfortable and confident in their abilities and at that time, that was friggin awesome, but do we really have to be the training ground for him to learn the ropes to be a GM?

Does ANYONE really believe that he's NOT the next GM? You don't groom someone like this to get a job for your competition.

Maybe I am assuming to much when i say I don't think he would be a good GM. It's not often when great players make good front office personel. The odds are stacked against them as the game comes easy to the talented. Its the guys that actually have to work hard that make great front office guys.

Thank you Mess for 1994, a great day for me that we were able to say that we won a championship.

But for me....enough is enough already.

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