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08-16-2009, 11:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Spankatola Jamnuts View Post
You wish he sounded like you?
Nope I am horrible at writing. But I do have the looks for the radio broadcast!

But in all seriousness it really frustrates me that we have basically ONE guy covering Ducks hockey for the one of the best sports markets in the world in the LA/OC area. Kobe Bryant farts and you hear more about that then the Ducks winning the Stanley Cup. Socal is the worst fan base in America for true loyalty to the local teams and just jumps on the bandwagon for whoever is hot at the moment. I blame partially on the media outlets in the area. Please tell me of one station locally you can listen to that will actually bring up the Ducks? Its all Lakers this, Dodgers that, Who's hotter Megan Fox or Cameron Diaz? I am sick of it and the only way hockey gets popular is if you force it on people because lets face it hockey is by far the most complicated sport to learn to do and watch.
Sorry if i sound like a dick or that i am in a bad mood. I have appendicitis and my stomach hurts like hell!
But i guess this is my time to vent...
sorry again for the ramble

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